Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn 2010

Although Fall does not officially start until tonight we got a sneak peak at it last weekend when we made a trip to Western Colorado's Mesa Lakes Resort. Lauren's parents are longtime friends of the owners, Steve & Anne, who were kind enough to share this little slice of Heaven with us.

Located near the top of the Grand Mesa just above Powderhorn Ski Resort we saw the Aspen leaves during peak color change. We planned the trip months ago and picked the perfect weekend. There was such a noticable shift in the short time we were there I'm afraid we would have missed much of the beauty had we gone one week later.

We had such a wonderful time relaxing and taking in the scenery. We took the opportunity to go fishing in some of the clearest mountain water you could ever imagine. At times it seemed one could reach right into the lake and pull out a rainbow trout. It wasn't quite that easy but Lauren made it look that way. Her first cast out she pulled one in the boat!

Of course Remmy enjoyed his weekend in the great outdoors and greeted each visitor to the resort with a smile and a wagging tail.

This was the view of Beaver Lake from the fire pit behind our cabin. The resort consists of a large main lodge and 15 rental cabins of varying size. There are also some private cabins surrounding the 5 lakes near the resort.

Mike took Lauren & I up to a point on top of the mesa called Land's End. Although we did not find a sale on fall apparel we did get a spectacular view stretching all the way to Utah.

The first time we visited Grand Mesa five years ago we had hoped to camp as it was the end of May,but all was covered with 4ft. of snow and the lakes were all frozen. This time the weather was much more inviting and hospitable. We cannot wait to take another trip to Mesa Lakes and get away from the big city. Thanks again Steve & Anne, we'll see you soon!